The first new addition in 2019 - AngryMojoSan

After a successful year in 2018, we are strengthening our Fighting Game roster with another German player. Nicolai “AngryMojoSan” Schneider is one of Germany’s best Street Fighter V players known for his signature Akuma. If you have been attending events in 2018, you might have met Nicolai at events like Take’s Dojo Season 3 or Red Bull The Pit.

We asked Nicolai for a short comment:

“It's 2019 and I’m very happy to join Dark Origin. They are known for their great players from around the globe and I’m looking forward to representing the organization in Street Fighter V. So, see you at future events!”

We are looking forward to support Nicolai and make 2019 another successful year. The first event that he will attend will be Stuttgart City Brawl on January 19th. You can watch the event live on: