SUMMACUM and Dark Origin

We are thrilled to announce a long-term partnership with SUMMACUM. They will support us with products to improve our athlete's mental performance.

Patrik Schmuck, CEO Summacum: Our goal is to provide helpful support to people with high expectations of themselves and their performance. With SUMMACUM® we have developed a direct granulate that, through the interaction of its ingredients, provides effective support in times of high mental stress. SUMMACUM® was developed primarily for the needs of top athletes, gamers, and students, but also enjoys great popularity among professionals and high performers.

Marco Bunge, CEO Dark Origin: This is a new Chapter for Dark Origin. Besides the business side in esports, we also need to care about our athlete's mental fitness. SUMMACUM will help us with their products to improve focus, reflexes, and concentration which results in good mental performance.

About Summacum: SUMMACUM® blends 100 percent natural caffeine and L-theanine with Cognizin® Citicoline and acetyl-L-carnitine. The result is increased oxygen delivery to the brain, which increases mental performance. The formula is balanced with a green tea extract to calm nerves in stressful situations and counteract caffeine side effects to maintain full concentration.