Do you need insurance in Esports?

“Insurance in Esports - say what?”

That is the reaction most people had when I asked them for input on the topic.

“Why would you need it?”

Is the next question that followed maybe two seconds after, accompanied by a confused look.

Esports is a young sport - the younger the sport, the less professional the approach to taking it up as a job.

Why make the effort? Same as with nutrition, physical training, mental training… it takes energy.

And most of us just do it for the sport - and think that we can get by without these things.
Just wing it, you’ll get by. Right?

Until you meet someone in competition who took more than a quick look at those things. Now there is a gap in performance.

These little elements of pro athletics, the right food, training, recovery (as annoying as they may be). They give us an edge in competition long term.
Because they keep us healthy, and functioning properly.

And so does insurance. The more our sport evolves, the more we have to look at every element of professional athletics. Take every little advantage we can get. The more, the merrier - right?

So, what do you do when you get tendonitis during a hard week of competition?
Call for Cartman and his magic ointment mid game?

Having the option to let a professional take care of your messed up wrist, and then help you with rehab to get your functionality back to a 100 percent… is worth so much more than the couple bucks a month you pay.

I have been there - not with gaming injuries, but in a similarly young sport. I did not think that specific insurance for it was a necessity.
Why make the effort? It takes money and energy.

Let me tell you, having the right option to get an injury taken care of in 2 months is much more fun once you face it, than being off your game for half a year.

In the end, as professional athletes we always want to get better. And a part of getting better is making sure, that if something impacts our performance negatively, we can eliminate that problem ASAP!

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