Welcome Sephiblack

We're pleased to announce the acquisition of a new member for our Fighting Game Team. Arja "Sephiblack" Gamoori will be joining as the first Tekken 7 player at Dark Origin, which means we will not only be competing in 2D but also 3D Fighting Games from now on.

In case you don't know anything about Tekken: It has been the most popular 3D Fighting Game series since the late 90s and still enjoys a huge popularity around the world with competitive scenes in pretty much every single country.

We asked Arja for a short statement about joining our team:
I am happy to be in the crew of Dark Origin, who are well represented in the Fighting Game Community. This is my first sponsorship and happy that I can play for them as their first Tekken7 player! To reach the grand finals of the Tekken World Tour Season 2 and become the best Tekken 7 player in Europe is my goal for me and my Team!

Also a short statement from Jan, our Fighting Game Team manager:
It's an honor to welcome somebody as talented as Arja to our team. Tekken has been very popular and competitive in Europe for many years and I know Arja has been one of the most famous and successful German players. I'm looking forward to working with him and I'm sure that he will be a great addition to our team.

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