What do routines actually do for us?

What do all professional athletes from major sports have in common?

They build good habits - to improve their performance, reduce injuries and increase cognitive abilities.

They have their routines - in the morning, for training, in the evening.
A set list of things and tasks they have to do.

Yeah, no sh*t sherlock, right?

This is hardly news.

But so many athletes in sports where there is less pay don’t do it.

Because - Well, we don’t have to build positive habits - or do we?
That is the question.

Do we have to do it? Simple answer, at this point probably not yet. There aren’t enough "hardcore" people involved to make morning routines, that improve concentration, a necessity.

But is it something worth trying?

If you wake up in the morning and have a healthy breakfast, 15 minute reflex workout and 5 minutes of meditation right away - you are already one step ahead.

You just put your head on straight and prevented the late evening stress of “having to do a couple more matches to get your work in” from even coming into play.
Because you already worked on your skillset and fueled your body right.

That little bit of 20-30 minute discipline gives you the ability to train more or harder, work more or harder during the day.
And it gives you that extra chunk of freedom - because you already put in your minimum before anyone else even had a bite of their chocolate cereal and caramel latte.

Healthy Routines are something that we rarely decide to dedicate ourselves to.
And we should do it much more often. Because that little bit of early morning discipline gives you the freedom and ability to perform at your best throughout the day.

Approach it like a pro for 30 minutes a day - and you’ll perform like a pro faster than your competition.

Go get that extra edge. Go get that little advantage that 6 am jumping jacks, coffee and cereal give you.
Go to the next level- it is just a couple of healthy habits away :)