insurninja partners with Dark Origin

Today we're delighted to announce the long-term partnership between insurninja and Dark Origin, a move the will see Dark Origin and our athletes equipped with the best insurance services.

insurninja offers unique insurances for eSport professionals, core enthusiasts, and their lifestyles.

insurninja was founded in 2018 by Niklas and Tim, with the intention to change the way insurances are made and serviced.  What counts for insurninja is: "gamer experience first" - we only provide insurances for gamers, their lifestyles, and everyday lives.

The products are fully modifiable, unbounded and can be leveled. That means maximum protection, superior control, and full transparency for you, your hardware, and your team. Prepared in a way, that you feel understood, picked up and challenged. Sounds good? It is.

Visit the insurninja Early Access now and customize which content and products find their way onto the platform.

Tim Schlawinsky, Co-Founder insurninja: There’s barely no other team which animates gamer lifestyle more than Dark Origin. Which is affected by authenticity, empathy, and entertainment “From Dark Origin to step into the light” bridges to our vision “gameful lifestyle beyond borders” in a perfect symbiosis. We share the same passion: making eSports (and everything around it) even more professional. Raise it on world’s stage.

We are very proud and thrilled about a long-term partnership.

Marco Bunge, CEO Dark Origin: We discovered from the beginning the same mindset, the same passion, and very good communication. In the end, we decide to partner in a long-term.