FGC Major Recap

It has been a busy three months for our Fighting Game team as they attended Brussels Challenge in Brussels, Button Czech in Prague, Take‘s Dojo in Krefeld and Viennality in Vienna.

At Brussels Challenge Cem „KenDeep“ Anar placed 5th place in Guilty Gear Xrd fighting his way through probably the most stacked tournament in Europe for the game this year.

At Button Czech the whole team attended the event. Again Cem took 5th place in Guilty Gear Xrd, as well as 4th place in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Filip „Dracula“ Jellonnek placed right behind with 5th place in Dragon Ball. Both players had the chance to commentate on stream and pumped up the crowd cheering on other players and the crowd.

After traveling inside Europe for the previous two tournaments, on May 5th Cem and Filip visited the last direct qualifier for Take‘s Dojo in Krefeld. In the end Cem placed 3rd and qualified for the grand finals.

At Take's Dojo Season 2 grand finals on June 9th Dean "Zer0q" Bajram, Cem and Filip battled it out in the DBFZ tournament, while Arja "SephiBlack" Gamoori aimed for the crown in the Tekken 7 tournament. Cem and Filip joined the commentator couch after dropping out of the tournament placing 4th and 7th respectively. In the end Dean and Arja both were able to come out as the winners of the DBFZ and Tekken7 tournaments, becoming the champions for Season 2 of Take's Dojo!

Our last stop was Vienna at Viennality, a great event with known players from all over Europe. Dean finishes his Dragon Ball Pool without losing a single game, but sadly without getting streamed. On day two, the finals day, Dean had more time in the spotlight, which he immediately used to show his impressive skill in both Street Fighter V and Dragon Ball FighterZ. The end result? First place in SFV dropping only one game, first place in DBFZ dropping NOT A SINGLE GAME.

Overall it has been another successful three months and we will keep the ball rolling. The European community is becoming more and more aware of Dark Origin and the stable results show that we are here to stay.

See you at future events, next up is VS Fighting in Birmingham on July 21st and 22th.

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