Bavaria Burst Overture 2 Results&Interview

Our Fighting Game team represented Dark Origin at Bavaria Burst Overture 2 in Munich on March 25th to 27th. It was a very successful event for the team, as both Filip “Dracula” Jellonnek and Cem “KenDeep” Anar placed very well in all tournaments they entered. In the end both took 5th place in the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament, KenDeep took 3rd place in Guilty Gear Xrd, while Dracula also won the King of Fighters XIV side event. Team manager Jan “SinJul” Openkowski also placed 2nd in the KoF XIV and 1st in the Akatsuki side event.

We asked the boys to give a short comment on the Bavaria Burst and future events.

1. How satisfied are you with your results?

KenDeep: I am moderately satisfied with my results in this tournament. I expect to barely place outside of Top 5, which was the case, as I felt uncomfortable with my current choice of characters in DBFZ. In GGXrd I wanted to perform better, but as I focused on DBFZ practice-wise, I felt my placement was well deserved.

Dracula: I‘m pretty satisfied with my placement at Bavaria Burst 2. I think I did well for the first big tournament and I feel like my placement in the tournament was pretty accurate. People like Shanks, Zer0q and prk are definitely better than me. For now. ;)

2. Did any player surprise you? If yes, in which way?

KenDeep: No player really surprised me. I did not know about Shanks beforehand, however when playing with him a day before the tournament, I knew he was a contender to win the tournament. Both prk and Zer0q were likely to make top 3 for me as well.

Dracula: Definitely Shanks from Spain. It was his first international tournament and he did really well. Not only did he win BlazBlue Central Fiction convincingly, he was pretty dominating in DBFZ as well. He played very reactive and had very good defense. Hope to see him again soon at future events.

3. How did you like the event overall?

KenDeep: The event itself was very nice and well structured, though I felt it was difficult to find proper stations for the games. The competition was good and the atmosphere was enjoyable. I hope for next year that more European players will make it to the event.

Dracula: It was very good. Every tournament went very smoothly, the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Demo was nice (same goes for the 8-man exhibition) and the presentation was topnotch! The only complaint I have is that there was no sound on some tournament stations, besides that I don't really know how they can improve further. I'm looking forward for future Bavaria Bursts!

4. In the meantime Broly and Bardock were released as DLC characters for DBFZ. What are your thoughts on both characters?

KenDeep:I think that Bardock is a really strong contender for one of the best characters in the game. He has amazing tools and one of the best assists in the game quite probably - and he is very versatile both on his own and as part of a team.

Broly is more specific but has amazing potential, and has a lot of things going for him too. He is probably one of the few characters that have a very unique mix-up game play, and dependent on the team structure, he will be quite important in the meta.

Dracula: Both characters are very good and very unique in their own ways. If I had to choose between the two I would say I would main Bardock. His speed and overall rushdown game play is something i really like.

5. Next up is Button Czech in Prague. What are you looking forward to and how will you prepare for the event?

KenDeep: For Button Czech I am looking forward towards to both seeing my progress in DBFZ as well as how much I can get back in shape for GGXrd. So far my progress has been as expected, so competing at Button Czech will be an important milestone for me. I will continue to prepare by occasionally practicing in GGXrd as well as committing to more online play for DBFZ - as well as learning Broly and Majin Buu more intensively. I think the change of characters will have a profound effect my play.

Dracula: I'm really looking forward to meet the Czech community again and to represent Dark Origin to an international audience. In terms of preparations I will do the same as I did for Bavaria Burst 2. Keep researching tech for my team, improve my defense, practice with KenDeep and play a lot online.

Next up is Brussels Challenge for KenDeep starting April 6th with Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Gear Xrd being played on April 7th and 8th. More info at Brussels Challenge

The whole fighting game team will participate in Button Czech, which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic from April 20th to 22nd. You can find more information concerning the event at Button Czech