Recap January and February

Here is the news and performance recap for January & February

Starcraft 2

We enter Starcraft 2 with acquisition of kauP and JackO. kauP competed at WCS Leipzig and JackO competed at IEM Katowice. 

Fighting Games

KenDeep and Dracula joins Dark Origin in January as well. They were on vacancies in Japan and we are happy that they competed at Evolution Japan under Dark Origin label. They stay in Japan for at least three weeks.


We were able to acquire the former vulture roster with zYNC, OzA, CeyL, danno and zhAME. They compete at CEVO Gfinity winter series and maintain the second place at the moment. They will also compete at Copenhagen Games.


A brief compilation of tournament performances


  • WCS Leipzig 23rd Place
    • kauP vs HolyHit | WIN
    • kauP vs Harstem | LOST
    • kauP vs HolyHit | WIN
    • kauP vs Cyan | LOST
    • kauP vs Optimus | WIN
    • kauP vs RisKy | WIN
    • kauP vs SpeCial | LOST
    • kauP vs Yours | LOST
  • WardiTV Weekly 23
    • kauP vs Bioice | WON
    • kauP vs Nerchio | LOST
  • IEM Katowice Ro60
    • JackO vs Maru | LOST
    • JackO vs puCK | LOST

Fighting Games

  • Evo Japan


  • CEVO Gfinity CS:GO Winter Series 2018
    • Dark Origin vs Snabbabrillor | WIN

Upcoming events to keep an eye on in March

Fighting Games

  • Takedojo

  • Bavarian Burst


  • Copenhagen Games 2018