Welcome Bastossavoie

Dark Origin is proud to announce the acquisition of talented French Hearthstone player and coach Bastien “Bastossavoie” Amblard. We look forward to working with Bastossavoie as he looks to progress his career.

Bastossavoie will be competing at the upcoming ArcaLan Hearthstone event on April 6-7 in Lyon. He has also been invited to the Swiss G4 Lan Hearthstone event on 14-15 April after winning last year's iteration. 

We spoke to Bastossavoie about himself and his ambition, coaching and hopes for the future:

“I'm a French Hearthstone player living in Grenoble, France. I start playing Hearthstone almost two years ago. First it was just for fun but it quickly became more than a game because I wanted to win and be part of the best players in France.

I decided to play Hearthstone in a competitive way and succeeded with my first good performance being my second place at Gamers Assembly 2016, one of the biggest French tournaments with over players attending the event. After that, I continued playing with the goal to improve as a player. Doing so allowed me to win various French tournaments and having three good appearances at ESL France during the beginning of the year, but unfortunately I lost the decider matches in the end.

My last important performance was during the last HCT (Hearthstone Championship Tour) : it’s a big tournament in which you can be qualified by placing well in the ladder for three consecutive months. The 64 best European players of the moment entered and I finished 17th. Sadly only the top 16 players qualified for the finals.

I love playing Hearthstone of course, but I also really love coaching. I started this activity last year and it’s a very good way for me to meet different people and to help them improve and become legendary players! This aspect is a very important one for me because when I’m coaching, I can have a break from "try harding" and play more light-heartedly. This fact is primordial if you want to continue to play at a high level since extended sessions of “try-harding” can sometimes be quite tedious.

By joining Dark Origin, I hope I’ll continue to perform in France, but especially in  Europe by qualifying for the final of a preliminary tournament."

Dark Origin’s coaching team and staff look forward to working with Bastien and we can’t wait to see him competing at ArcaLan and G4 Lan.