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Our Mission

Digital services and athlete management


Founded by Marco Bunge in 2018, Dark Origin supports competitive gaming athletes and streamers to assist with growth, and additionally employ our own competitive gaming department. We provide comprehensive esport-oriented business solutions and services as well as coaching services for esports teams, players and streamers.

Furthermore we consult companies and esport organizations to help successfully optimize their engagements in the gaming market.

Our staff is passionate about gaming and esports and consists of business developers, marketers, consultants, as well as sport managers and sport scientists.


Our Vision

PASSION is what drives us!


Dark Origin combines business excellence and gaming entertainment in a unique way - 
For our fans, our athletes and our partners. Our love for esports, our fans, and our drive to succeed are at the core of Dark Origin’s identity.

Built on the premise that people will continue to gravitate toward professions they love, and with esports falling within that criteria for many millennials, Dark Origin is promoting itself as a next level esports and gaming entertainment company.

We came from Dark Origin to reach the light!



Business success and steady growth


Our organizational structure is built to suit our individual needs, and in order to to meet our individual needs, targets and goals. Moreover, we have a system in place to ensure optimized processing of customer requests.

Dark Origin is organized in three departments

  • Business Services & Solutions

  • Marketing

  • Esports Operations

Social Media Impressions in January 2018

Our various social media platforms offer the possibility of interacting with a diverse and changing esports audience.








Staff growth

Success means growth over time, and resultantly we are aware of the importance of making organizational adjustments to reflect this. Bigger numbers of customers, players and teams guarantee a wider reach.

Growth / Yr



Our ambition and GOALS...

Our ambition

Dark Origin’s goal is to become a market leader for business solutions and services in the gaming market, for companies, teams and organizations,  as well as a well-known global competitor in competitive gaming.

Our Goals


Q1 Launch brand & build up first social reach

Q3 Launch Merch-Shop and increase growth of social reach

Q4 Known branch-competitor and partner of a well-known brand


Q1 Expand Network to an international level

Q2 Branch out esports operations

Q3 Announce new esports brand focusing gaming

Q4 Promote esports events

Websitespotlights (1).jpg


...are based on the POTENTIAL of the esport market


Market Awareness

We believe in the expected market growth and increasing interest of big companies in the market as projected by market research institutes.

We optimize esports engagements and generate leads for our customers using our esports knowledge combined with the synergy of our esports brand, international network and partners.

Target Audience

Our target audience, much like yours, lives in Europe, is predominantly male and between 18 and 35 years old. 

30% are interested in Netflix and Spotify.

Traditional media outlets are not targeting this audience anymore, esport is the best way to interact with them.

Target Region

Our target regions are Scandinavia, France, Poland and Germany to create a local audience foundation throughout 2018.

After this  we will expand our target local audience in Europe, USA, China, Korea, Japan, Russia and Brazil in 2020.


Overall game interests*

*based on avg. viewer per week on twitch by

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