Ajar "Sephiblack" Gamoori

Tekken 7

Sephiblack is the official Tekken Tag tournament 2 champion in Germany and playing Tekken since 2009 competitively. Since Tekken 7 he became one of the best players in Europe. He is a student for UI Design who is living temporary in cologne.

Dean ''Zer0q'' Bajram

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Zer0q from Schwerte, Germany is known as one of the best overall Fighting Game Players in Germany. He started competetivly in 2016 with SFV and switched over to the new released Dragon Ball FighterZ and has his place as best of both games in the country. He takes care of elder people for work.

Cem "KenDeep" Anar

Guilty Gear, Dragonball Fighter Z

KenDeep is a UI Designer living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and best known for his Kum Haehyun in Guilty Gear Revelator. He has been active since 2004 and could not stop mashing buttons ever since.

Filip "Dracula" Jellonnek

King of Fighters, Dragonball Fighter Z

Dracula well-known in the fighting-game scene and one of the best King of Fighters players in Europe. Plays fighting games competitively since 2009 and works as a male nurse in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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