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Arja Gamoori - Tekken 7

Sephiblack is the official Tekken Tag tournament 2 champion in Germany and playing Tekken since 2009 competitively. Since Tekken 7 he became one of the best players in Europe. He is a student for UI Design who is living temporary in cologne.



Cem Anar - Guilty Gear, Dragonball Fighter Z

KenDeep is a UI Designer living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and best known for his Kum Haehyun in Guilty Gear Revelator. He has been active since 2004 and could not stop mashing buttons ever since.



Filip Jellonnek - King of Fighters, Dragonball Fighter Z

Dracula well-known in the fighting-game scene and one of the best King of Fighters players in Europe. Plays fighting games competitively since 2009 and works as a male nurse in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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Bastien Amblard - Team-Captain & Coach

Bastossavoie is a french Hearthstone player living in Grenoble, France. he start playing Hearthstone in 2016. First it was just for fun but it quickly became more than a game because I wanted to win and be part of the best players in France.

After he decided to play competitive Hearthstone and finished with 2nd place at Gamers Assembly 2016. He start to improve himself and played and won further French tournaments. His most important tournament participation was Hearthstone Championship Tour 2017, where he finished with 17th place from 64 participants.

Beside his career as player, Bastossavoie started to coach in 2017. His mission is to help players to be better and to reach legend rank in Hearthstone.


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Counter Strike: Global Offensive DK


Kamilla Kristiansen 

22 Years old from Aalborg. Has been playing since she was 5 years old. She has worked at LAN events and participated in a handful of them. She’s doing her Bachelor’s degree social education and spends a lot of time at the gym and by the computer. 

sCavedaya [Z]

Frederik Hedgaard

From Nørresundby. Works as a technical supporter. He started playing Counter strike competitively 2008 in CS:S and changed to CS:GO in 2011.  SCavedaya [Z] plays a position ingame as a lurker/entry.


Mads Lorentzen

Lives in Aarhus C, Denmark where he works as a software developer.He has been playing Counter-Strike since it's official release in 2000. He started to put in more hours with the release of CS:S.

Across all the Counter-Strike iterations he has participated in quite a few LAN events and become an experienced player.


Fredrik Truelsen

Lives in Odense, Denmark, 22 years old and works with solar panels across Denmark. He has been playing First Person Shooters since the age of 4.


Kasper Pedersen

Lives in Viborg, 26 Years old and been playing counter-strike since the release of CS:S.
Participated in a handful of LAN events and has a lot of experience. He's studying software development and spends a lot of time with his wife and kids.

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