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Our Mission

Founded by Marco Bunge in 2018 Dark Origin supports competitive gaming athletes and streamers to assist with growth, and additionally employ our own competitive gaming department. We provide comprehensive esport-oriented business solutions and services as well as coaching services for esports teams, players and streamers.

Furthermore we consult companies and esport organizations to help successfully optimize their engagements in the gaming market.

Our staff is passionate about gaming and esports and consists of business developers, marketers, consultants, as well as sport managers and sport scientists.

Our Vision

Dark Origin combines business excellence and gaming entertainment in a unique way

For our fans, our athletes and our partners 

Our love for esports, our fans, and our drive to succeed are at the core of Dark Origin’s identity.

Built on the premise that people will continue to gravitate toward professions they love, and with esports falling within that criteria for many millennials, Dark Origin is promoting itself as a next level esports and gaming entertainment company.


Business Inquiry

Are you ready for the next level?

We look for strong long-term partnerships, that become beneficial to all parties involved. Together, with you, we’ll compose an appropriate concept that is adapted to your goals and ambitions. Your investment needs an equivalent value return - we create value!

Our needs are your possibilities, and our brand can be your marketing platform. Additionally, your products can help us to improve our business.

Are you interested in to work together with Dark Origin?

IEM Katowice 2015   Success is based on strategic invest, mental strength and market-knowledge!

IEM Katowice 2015

Success is based on strategic invest, mental strength and market-knowledge!


Our Partners

Business excellence





The Team

Marco Bunge
Founder & CEO

Marc Anders
Business development

Jan Openkowski
Head of Esport

Markus Hecker
Advisor (Esports Consultant)

Joram Höfs
Advisor (COO Junge Haie GmbH)

Christoph Helmes
Advisor (CEO Junge Haie GmbH)




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